Syndicate Announced 4-player Co-Op Demo .

According to our "ACe2gamers Team Source",we have found that Ea announced the well know game called syndicate had realeased  there "Syndicate 4-Player Co-Op Demo" It is the one of the awesomest sci-fi,fps game of 2012 s.

                             Check out Syndicate four-player co-op Demo Trailer

Feature of Syndicate 4-Player Co-Op Demo

In Syndicate co-op demo you will be able to play one of the nine missions available in the full version of the game. In this mission,"Western Europe" You will have to team up to infiltrate Cayman Global, “dispose” of Colonel Enrico Gabron, and get a hold of some valuable tech blueprints. The mission will allow up to four players to participate at once.

Official Syndicate website >>

Syndicate four-player co-op Demo will be Available at soon*

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