Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Info.

           Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Genre: Action
Developer: Infinity Ward ,Sledgehammer 
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 8 Nov 2011
Platform:Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Wii
Rating: ACB:MA15+,BBFC: 18,ESRB: M,PEGI: 18

Story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 

On August 17, 2016, hours after killing General Shepherd, Captain John Price and Nikolai evacuate a dying John "Soap" MacTavish from Site Hotel Bravo, Afghanistan. Soap receives medical attention in a safehouse run by Nikolai's Loyalist allies in Himachal Pradesh, India, but Vladamir Makarov's forces attempt to kill the trio. Yuri, Nikolai's best soldier with a grudge against Makarov, gives Soap an adrenaline shot to keep his heart going, and secures safe route to an extraction point out of the country. Together, the four are all that remains of the now-disavowed Task Force 141. Price's team then goes into hiding for two months, while Makarov does the same. On the same day, World War III continues. The actions of Delta Force Team Metal, which includes Sgt. Derek "Frost" Westbrook, "Grinch", "Truck", and their C.O. "Sandman" (with whom Soap, Price, and Ghost previously worked together with on Operation Kingfish three years ago to kill/capture Makarov), facilitates the Russian army's withdrawal from the invasion of Lower Manhattan, New York. They destroy a jamming tower on top of the New York Stock Exchange, then hijack a Russian Oscar II submarine in the East River, in order to use its ordinance against its own fleet.
On October 4, 2016, Russian President Boris Vorshevsky announces plans to make peace with the United States at a summit in Hamburg, Germany. However, Makarov's men hijack Vorshevsky's plane and force it into a crash landing at the Hamburg tarmac. F.S.O. Agent Andrei Harkov attempts to secure Vorshevsky's safety, but is killed when Makarov appears inside what the F.S.O. mistake as the evac chopper. Makarov kidnaps the President, and plans to capture and torture his daughter Alena, to force the President to give Makarov the launch codes for the Russian nuclear arsenal.
Soap recovers from his wounds, and with help from Yuri, and with intel from Price's former mentor and C.O., MacMillan, the 141 follow Makarov's trail to an arms transport in Sierra Leone, but are unable to intercept the cargo, which is distributed to Paris, Berlin, and London. Meanwhile, a British S.A.S. unit, including Sgt. Marcus Burns and Sgt. Wallcroft, is sent in to deal with the cargo, but discover one of the transports to be a decoy. A piece of the real cargo, revealed to be a biochemical weapon from Fregata Industries, is detonated on a London street nearby, killing a young American family as it releases its toxic payload near Big Ben. The chemical attacks pave the way for the Russian Army to invade Europe, and Team Metal is deployed to Hamburg to rescue the U.S. Vice President from a hostage situation. Acting on intelligence supplied by Price, who had extracted it from a warlord in Somalia named Waraabe, they capture Russian bomb-maker and CEO of Fregata Industries Volk, in Paris. Then, they fight to an extraction point with the help of an AC-130 gunship, but the Eiffel Towercollapses into the river after a bombing run eliminates all Russian forces at the escape point.Team Metal learns from Volk of Makarov's hiding at Hotel Lustig in Prague, where he is about to call a meeting with his top advisors. Price's team infiltrates the locked-down city. Once in Prague, Task Force 141 meets Loyalist Kamarov, now one of the organizers of the Czech Resistance, to try to assassinate Makarov. Yuri and Soap try to snipe Makarov from a church tower across from the hotel, but Kamarov himself is taken hostage and rigged with explosives. Price, who sneaks into the building, escapes the hotel just as Kamarov is blown up. Makarov reveals that he knows Yuri personally, by acknowledging him as his former "friend". Makarov then detonates rigged explosives in Yuri and Soap's overwatch spot. Soap and Yuri are not killed by the explosion, but the former is wounded from the height he'd fallen, causinghis knife wound to reopen. Yuri helps him and escapes with Price to a resistance safehouse. He puts pressure on Soap's wound while Price stands to his side. Soap tells Price that Makarov and Yuri know each other and dies afterward.After leaving his Colt M1911 pistol with Soap's body and taking Soap's journal and dog tag, an enraged Price punches Yuri down a staircase and holds him at gunpoint, demanding him to explain his connection with Makarov.Yuri explains that he was a former Ultranationalist who befriended Makarov, escorting him and Zakhaev. He evacuated Zakhaev from the arms deal at Price's 1996 assassination mission, and witnessed Makarov's detonation of the nuclear bomb in the Middle East, killing 30,000 of Shepherd's Marines. Yuri attempted to stop the massacre at the Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow 5 years later, but was found out, restrained and shot in the stomach by Makarov beforehand. Yuri's guilt convinces Price that they are fighting for the same thing, and the two keep their alliance.After infiltrating Makarov's castle near Prague and learning of Vorshevsky's captivity, Price and Yuri alert Team Metal of an Ultranationalist plan to abduct Alena from a safehouse in Berlin. Team Metal is unable to prevent the kidnapping, but trace Makarov's Ultranationalists to aSiberian diamond mine. Together with Task Force 141 but without Frost, they ensure the safety of President Vorshevsky and Alena, end the conflict between the United States and Russia, and clear the name of the Task Force 141. During extraction, Sandman, Grinch, and Truck stay behind to buy the evacuation chopper some time, but are killed when the mine collapses on them.On January 21, 2017, after World War III, Price, Yuri, and Nikolai track Makarov to Hotel Oasis in the Arabian Peninsula. Price and Yuri assault the hotel with E.O.D. armor, which is later destroyed. Makarov attempts to escape on a helicopter on the roof, but Price kills the two pilots and crashes the helicopter back onto the roof. A dazed Makarov prepares to execute an equally injured Price, but is distracted by Yuri, killing him instead. Enraged with losing another ally, Price uses the moment to tackle Makarov and wrap a steel cable around his throat, before breaking through the glass roof, killing his sworn enemy by hanging.

Game Features Of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Choose between the Story, Special Ops and Multiplayer Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 
experience, as well as view your completion percentages for each mode.

Pick up where Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 ended and continue the single player
experience in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign. From the Story menu you
can resume your most recent campaign or start a new one. You may also use the Mission 
Select option to replay an already completed mission at any difficulty.
Note: Modern Warfare® 3 uses an automatic checkpoint save system to save your game
progress. You may also choose to use the Save and Quit option from the in-game 
Pause menu.

Experience co-op Special Ops play with another player remotely online. Use the find match 
option to link up with a player online or through private match to link up with a friend.
Choose the solo option to test your skills on your own.

Take on a variety of custom-designed challenging missions in Special Ops Missions mode.
You can also use this menu to revisit any unlocked Special Ops missions and attempt to
complete it on one of three difficulties.

Survive countless waves of enemies on Multiplayer maps, utilizing available resources to 
climb the Special Ops ranks. Revisit maps to break your previous wave record.

Compete with other Modern Warfare 3 players online and locally in a variety of maps and 
game mode

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