Bird Hunter: Upland Edition Cheats Codes

Press "F2" during game play. A small bar will appear in the top of the screen. Enter one of the following codes, then press "Enter".

Code                                Result
---------                          ------------

  • ubshowme    -   shows birds on the map and GPS.
  • ubsnowy     -     starts snow.
  • ubrainy     -      starts rain.
  • ublightning -    makes lightning.
  • ubthor      -      makes thunder.
  • ubjack      -      stops weapon wobble.
  • ublight     -     makes player run faster.
  • ubfoot      -  makes player run even faster.
  • ublocate    -  moves player to area of covey.
  • ubgym       -  player never gets winded.
  • ubparnine   -  show golp hole flags over all coveys.

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