The 11th Hour

                                                         The 11th Hour Pc game

  • Developer        Trilobyte
  • Publisher          Virgin Interactive
  • Designer          Rob Landeros
  • Series              The 7th Guest
  • Engine             Groovie[
  • Platform          DOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh
  • Genre              Puzzle

The game takes place 60 years after the events of the first game. It is now 1995 and the player, as Carl Denning Jr., is an investigative reporter for the television series "Case Unsolved." Robin Morales, his producer and lover, has mysteriously vanished while gathering background information surrounding a series of grisly murders and disappearances in the otherwise quiet little town of Harley-on-the-Hudson. Denning's only solid lead is a portable computer called the Game Book which was delivered to him — postmarked Harley, NY. It may have been sent by Robin. Or perhaps it is the evil handiwork of Stauf himself, updating his craft to meet the demands of the '90s.

Plot summary
The game starts when Carl steps into the mansion. The guests from the first game make cameo appearances usually to mock Carl and insisting that his search for Robin is "hopeless". Throughout the game, bits and pieces of Robin's investigation and the mystery behind her disappearance are viewed from the gamebook. Most of the videos by themselves are short and vague. However, once the hour has struck, all the videos accumulated in that hour are strung together to form a ten minute movie that clears most of the confusion.
The game opens with the games protagonist, Carl Denning, watching the evening news in his small home. The news canon reports that police have called off the investigation of Denning's producer and apparent love-interest, Robin Morales who was last investigating the Stauf Mansion several weeks ago. The reporter also points out clues from of the events from the first game by stating that seven other guests where reported missing or otherwise dead at the Stauf Mansion sixty years ago. Worried, but somewhat annoyed, Carl clicks off the television right when the doorbell rings. Delivered to his doorstep is the Gamebook, where a confused Carl sees Robin frantically begging for his help. The game then shows several scenes of Carl driving on a motorcycle, apparently heading towards Harley-on-Hudson, where the Stauf Mansion is located. Various flashbacks are seen between two's relationship and how quickly it soured.
Robin, after a long drive to Harley-on-Hudson, stops by a diner to try to get a bite to eat before she starts her investigation. She meets a waitress by the name of Eileen who has her right hand missing. Robin is annoyed by Eileen's incompetence as a waitress, but she still attempts to converse with her. Eileen upon realizing that Robin is the producer from "Case Unsolved" is curious why Robin is in Harley of all places. When Robin admits that she is investigating the Stauf Mansion, Eileen is shocked and is silent. When Robin points out that Eileen is the only person who has encountered the mansion who has lived, Eileen suddenly gets defensive and in denial. Robin remarks that the newspaper stated that Eileen was bitten by a guard dog, thus giving Eileen an alibi for her hand. However, Robin is skeptical and presses on, which Eileen refuses to do so and states that she must get back to work.


  • Explore 22 colorfully rendered worlds
  • Impresive adventure spanning three compact discs

Minimum System Requirements for The 11th hour
  •  CPU Type: 486DX
  •  CPU Speed: 66 MHz
  •  RAM Required: 8 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 MB
  • Graphics Type: SVGA
  • Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
  • Color Depth: High Color

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