How to make hydra faster in Gta Sanandreas

                      Pc guides to make hydra fly faster

By defult, hydra is in hower mode that/s why hydra can only hower in its own axis,But by using arow keys we can make a hydra a bit movable but with less are some quide to make hydra faster 

Flying mode!

  • First find a hydra in sanandreas [In single player mode you will unlock hydra after you unlock San fierro.[For learning sake type"jumpjet" without qoutes you will get a hydra spwanedin front of you]

  • press enter near your hydra to enter

  • press and hold W on keybord to thrust up/accelerate hydra[pressing W will provide upward thrust in hydra as it produse forward motion  in vechels].

  • press and hold S on keybord to thrust down/Deaccelerate hydra[pressing W will provide Downward thrust in hydra as it produse backword motion in vechels].

                                    [Change howering mode to flying faster mode]

  • press and hold NUM8 to make thruster move Downword to Backword this will give your hydra forward thrust 

  • To get back in hydra howering mode press and hold NUM2 to make thruster move Backword to downword this will give your hydra downword thrust and your hydra will start howering at one place

                                    [You can also make hydra movable in howering mode by controling using its                                                                                                                        nose   that is using up and down keys]

  • To Fly hydra to the sky press and hold W and up arrow [result: hydra will Fly up]

  • To FLy hydra down to earth press and hold S and down arrow key [result: Hydra will fly down]

Hydra controlling guide

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