TinTin'S Idea for GTA sanandreas .

                                            "NUKE WAR"

This game would require the following;

[2 Cargo Trucks, 1 Oil Tanker] [@ LV (Any suitable area will do)]
[ Two Oil Tankers, 1 Cargo Truck ] [@ LS (Any suitable area will do)]
[ 2 Broadcasting vans, 1 Oil Tanker ] [(@ SF (Any suitable area will do)]
[ 1 Hydra, 1 Hunter, 1 Tank, 1 Bike] (@ LV, SF or LS near the Cargo Truck)

For this game, there will be an total of THREE teams;

LS Team
LV Team
SF Team

Each team will have 4 group members, divided in 2 groups (Defense and Attack);

1]     'Defense'
The role of the defender will be to defend their cargo.
Defenders will be provided with the following weapons;
Rocket Launcher (10)
SMG (250)
AK47 (25)

2]  'Attack'
The Role of the attackers will be to attack and steal the neighbouring country their cargo.
Attackers will be provided with the following weapons;
Rocket launcher (2)
SMG (250)
M4 (250)
Shotgun (25)

Game plot
As the name already suggests (NUKE WAR) It's ofcourse all about the nuclear weapons
Nuke war will however require three BIG territories which can be used as LV, SF and LS (The whole country would be ones territory).

The game will however need AT LEAST a minimum of 12 players to start with.

Team A, B & C will all need at least 4 group members for one country.

In all teams, it will be divided the same way as f.e. with D-Day. One part will be defense, other part will attack. Which means for a group of 4 members will be 2 Attackers, and 2 on Defense. (Depending ofcourse on how much players actually are joining the game)
The duty of the defenders is easy; 'Stop enemy countries from stealing your cargo'.
The duty of the attackers however is a little more complicated.; 'Steal the enemy countries their 'cargo' '.
This means they will have to steal from any selected enemy country 2 Cargo Trucks (1 Cargo, 1 Oil Tanker), 
1 Broadcasting van.

This is needed to trigger the nuking possibility of the enemy country. Once they have succesfully acchieved the trucks and van, they will immediatly be able to nuke the other country, and the nuking country will be the winner (LS nukes SF, LS = Winner).

The winners will get the following;

Minigun (500)

Players of this game will be able to respawn to their country a max of 3 times when they die. After that, they're out of the game.
If a group does not have more then 1 group member, this team will automatically lose and get nuked.




Mini Game 1

" Drive-By Race "

This game needs at least 4 players to start with. There will be a total of 2 Teams;
Team A
Team B

The game would be similar to a racing game, but with an added addition of doing drive-bys on your opponents!
One Team would be a driver and a passenger ofcourse. One team will be in a car, the other on a bike for more resistance. (More fun as well)
Every single player in this game will be provided with the Tec9 Weapon, with 500 Ammo.

Only 1 Rule for this Game;

Reward for the winning team willl be;
Tec9 (500)


Mini Game 2

" Medic on job "

This game will require at least 2 players.
The game will start from the Hospital Spawn, and your objective is to transport vaccines to other hospitals who are low on supplies.
In 1 Round of the game, only 5 Vaccines can be transported max. When you are able to deliver 10 vaccines (2 Rounds) to hospitals, you have completed your objective!

You can only use the following vehicles for transporting vaccines;
Medic Helicopter
Reward for completing the whole game will be;$50.000
Grenades (5)
1 Vaccine


Mini Game 3

" Hotel death match "

This game will require at least 6 players before it can get started.
The game will start inside an hotel (any interior), which will be locked so there will be no way out.
All players will be forced to fight their way and survive the longest time possible.
Last one to survive will be the winner.

Weapons players will get when spawned to this MiniGame;
M4 (250)
Shotgun (50)
Pistol (50)

Reward for the winner will be ;

Combat Shotgun (50)


Mini Game 4

"Police Chase"

This is a minigame all about the police, chasing a Robber who recently robbed a bank.
This minigame will need at least 4 players to get started.

The role of the police is to kill all the robbers, so they will win the minigame, and for the robbers is to try escape and reach the checkpoint (randomly located) before the police catches you..

There will be 2 Rules for this game;

1). Robber should use the same car or bike, and not change vehicles.
2). Robber or police cannot attack on foot they need to be on bike or car to attack.

Robber can chose any vehicle which he would like to use to escape with. f.e Car, Truck, Bus, FBI Jeep, etc.
Police will be able to choose any police vehicle available near them.

Reward for the winner;



Mini Game 5
" Sniper War"

This game will require at least 6 players before it can be started.
The game start on 2 different tall buildings, seperated by some distance, which a sniper would be able to shoot someone from.
The building should not have any stairs, so you won't be able to shoot someone with other weapons, except for your Sniper Rifle. (However you can go upstairs, but not downstairs, so you can at least randomly move and not stay at one single position)

Reward for winning this game will be the following;
Sniper Rifle (250)


Minigame 6

Bikers vs hustler

Requirement of this game

1) 3 nrg bikes
2) 2 hustler
3) world limit
4) All biker and drive by member will be given micro smg 550 ammo
5) hustler player will be bare handed only he can use hutler

This Game need Two team :

Team A "Biker team"
Team B "hustler team"

Roles of team

Team A "Biker team" will have tolal 6 member with 2 member in one bike to perform dirive by
to hunt rustler.if three bike destroyed also if 4 member killed then hustler will win

Team B "hustler team" will have tolal 2 member with 1 member in one hustler kill or destroy bikers

the last team who will survie will win game [[ we can have time limit ][team ratio ] on the basic of which team can considered as winner].

~~~                                                                                                                                          ~~~
All above Ideas are presented by CAPTAIN.TINTIN and owned by ACe2gamers.blogspot.com
~~~                                                                                                                                          ~~~

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